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Welcome to Lean-Guru.co.uk

Hi, my name is Phil Hamer, the Personal Trainer to trust when it comes to losing weight and getting fit.

Becoming permanently slim and healthy is not simply a matter of going for a few jogs, or eating a few more apples. Successful weight loss and fitness development involves changing your whole outlook on life, your attitude towards food and your attitude towards movement. I will do everything to help you achieve these changes.

The process starts with a complimentary health and fitness consultation, conducted at your home or wherever is most suitable to you. This consultation consists of a weigh-in, a blood pressure reading, circumference measurements, body fat percentage reading and if necessary, a VO2 max test to find your current fitness level. (This only applies to clients who are already very athletic and are looking to increase competitive performance, beginners to exercise would'nt need this test.)

We also have a general chat about your current lifestyle and set targets relating to changes that could be made to your daily routine. Finally, I leave you a three day food diary to fill in which I can then analyse in terms of your macronutrient and micronutrient intakes using specialised software. If you decide to take up a block of sessions I can provide you with a full report on your specific needs, and a food plan that will address those needs perfectly.

The combination of the tailored fitness sessions (delivered at your home, garden or surrounding area), the personal food plan and the lifestyle tweaks that we make together will very quickly lead to body shape changes and an increase in energy levels. Once you are in the right exercise and nutrition habits and you see the positive changes to your body and mind, you will never look back!

Have a look around the website, (you'll see plenty of pictures of my clients hard at work all around Cardiff), and contact me for a free no-obligation health check today!


Become a Lean Guru Yourself!

If you successfully embrace the correct lifestyle you will find that exercise becomes not a chore, but the most rewarding time of your day. You will become energised, vibrant and happy. The best thing of all is that once you know how to live lean you can show those you love how to do the same, and become a LeanGuru yourself!